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when you fail a grade and get left behind life kind of sucks.It's middle school, MIDDLE SCHOOL level classes for pete sake! What could be worse? wait- why is that kid from last years sicence class giving you a look... get away you creeper! Contains: Boy love, Abuse, beat downs, drama, weird faces, hooker moms, broken homes, drugs, Kids being stupid, law breaking. The pages are brought to you in rainbow vision~~



The comic is at a stand still D: Idk, I'll have to gauge how bad homework will bet Buttt It's the first week back so It can't be that bad? just basic stuff and getting supplies I hope.

Me and mai roomie have a sweet dorm pad yo, it's quite nice. :] BUT WE INVITE TOO MANY PEOPLE OVER AND THEY END UP DENTING THE FRIDGE FFFFFFFFFFFF. We'll have to pay for that ;___; also some of them can't cook but really want to try.... all over our very tiny kitchen, very very tiny.... Tomato sauce has to be refrigerated, how to you not know that? or not know that you have to crank the dial up to something higher than 5 to get water to boil some time before next week, really guys really? D;

My moms been letting me cook for myself since I was 7 and I've been helping her since I was 5 so it hurts to see the new-to-cooking college student attempt to cook. >>;

Backtothepoint. I'll be busy learning for a little while so stay sassy loves. mwah. Also, I make terrible Gorillaz music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAfyc1WxAKA

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Pimped my site

Just a little because I'm more serious that this comic will get past 20 or so pages. x] and the background makes me happy.

About that video thing, you like? no like? The site for it is being geh at the moment and won't let me use the non-video mp3 players.
For the reason of you having to look at the video too, some of them are vids I like and others are just for the music. 030

posted by Vindictive bassoon @ July 29th, 2010, 1:46 am  -  0 comments

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